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Engineering and Design Office & Architects

W.J. & M.C. Van Campenhout NV/SA

Architecture and Interior


Sequence of the different phases of the construction process:

  • Preliminary study, specification of the schedule of requirements, initial cost estimate and planning.

  • Design sketch, preliminary design, 3D facade view.

  • Application for the planning permit, cost estimate.

  • Drawing up the implementation file containing the plans, details, specifications, take-off list and final estimate and planning.

  • Participation in tendering and awards.

  • Site monitoring and leadership of the worksite meetings.

  • Assistance with receptions and review of final invoice.

To ensure the energy efficiency of a building, due attention is devoted to the thermal insulation, orientation, options for a ventilation system, etc., from the start of the design process.
The studies are coordinated by the architect, who assess whether the stability study and technical facilities are compatible with his project.

Stability Study


Stability studies are conducted for our own architectural projects and include, among other things:


  • Drawing up the programme for the soil survey.

  • Choice of the foundation type depending on load-bearing capacity, groundwater level and feasibility.

  • Determination of the optimal supporting structure.

  • Integration of the stability implementation regulations with the architectural aspect, including take-off list and accompanying estimate.

  • Site monitoring.

  • Assistance with the reception and review of the final invoice.

Technical Equipment


The energy efficiency of the technical facilities is becoming a more and more important part of the design concept.

Due attention is devoted to the necessary thermal insulation, the orientation, the possible ventilation systems, the necessary natural lighting, the efficiency of the artificial lighting, etc., from the start of the design process.

Studies of the technical equipment are conducted for our own architectural designs and include HVAC, plumbing, electricity, data, fire detection, access control, lifts, etc.

Construction Advice

  • TECHNICAL AND COST-MANAGEMENT FEASIBILITY STUDIES of the development of a site and implementation of a specific project, in the degree of detail needed to be able to reach a decision.

  • Drawing up a SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS based on the information (organization, operating structure, needs of the departments, budgets, etc.) submitted by the clients, and filling the gaps as need be.

  • Drawing up ADVISORY AND COST-MANAGEMENT REPORTS to maintain buildings regularly and keep them operational.


  • Advice on sustainability (use of materials, healthy indoor climate) and on limiting the energy needs of existing buildings (type of glazing, sun protection, insulation, energy-efficient artificial lighting and heating systems).

  • RESEARCH REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHANGES IN USE of existing buildings, in the degree of detail needed to be able to reach a decision.

  • TECHNICAL ADVICE ON PASSIVE AND ACTIVE FIRE SAFETY. The studies are conducted in compliance with the statutory standards and reports of the competent fire prevention services.

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